a Brantin’ & a Bolton

September 8th, 2008

Well as San Diego natives, we do not have much hope in our sports teams as our Padres are close to a 100 game losing season and our beloved San Diego Chargers lost the first game of their hopeful Super Bowl season, but there is one thing that is for sure: Londons Falling is a stable and mobile band. So yes, another transition has taken place in this band and we introduce a demonstrative drummer that goes by the last name of Bolton. Kats and kittens, we introduce our new drummer: Brant “no he hasn’t heard the fuckin’ joke, Michael, so fuck off” Bolton. This transition has finally pieced the puzzle together of this band and we are quite stoked about it. Brant also plays in the band Spero Lumina, so we are in-debted to Aaron, Weston, and Sean for this opportunity to play with such an amazing drummer. ┬áSo settle in, my comrades, more shows and a new album awaits…………………

posted by Kevin White