An ‘07 Obligato

February 1st, 2007

Good day to every species that traverses our planet earth. Depsite all the political elements from the prime minister of Iraq telling the U.S. and Iran to stay out of Iraq to good ole’ Hugo Chavez taking complete and total control of Venezuela, Londons Falling has begun constructing songs for our upcoming fourth release. There is so much going on in the world and our personal lives that this album will be filled with more blood, sweat, tears and beers than our previous albums. On just a personal update for everybody on our academic status: Trav will be graduating from Platt College in March (I think). I’m not too sure, but he will be graduating, so congratulate him on his personal myspace for chrissakes. Zac will be graduating from CSUSM in May and then going into the Fire Academy to (duh) fight fires. Kev is volunteering at the YMCA in North Park and will be graduating next year 2008. And Brant has made more tabletops than you could ever imagine this past month…….. On another note, Ricky, our old drummer who joined the military, will be getting married in April……And Chris, our even older drummer, is playing in this crazy metal band back east, so check his band, Unending Blame, for their upcoming gigs and whatnot…… This blog of brevity is pragmatic and we hope that you will continue on this journey towards progress towards change with us. Continually support San Diego local music….from the darkest corner of MaƱanas.

posted by Kevin White