Old Glory Returns: a 2009 LF update

January 30th, 2009

For starters, we wanted to thank a lot of the bands , clubs and the people that made last year really fun for us and helped revive us: Fred Ludwig, Aaron Yorty, Mike Gray, East Village Records, Ziggy, AZP, Vagrance, The Metrons, Murder the Future, Good Luck Mr. Gorsky, The Blob, Killjoy, The Radio Room a.k.a The Zombie Lounge, O’Connell’s , Sulo & Brick by Brick, Joe ‘n’ Andy’s, The Ken Club, The Ramona Mainstage, Kegs in Redondo Beach, Jo5e, Spero Lumina, and of course, all of our families, friends, and new recruits to the LF camp that we met. Thank you guys!
It’s hard to believe that this well oiled-machine is still running since 2001 and we’re still broke! No matter, we couldn’t have done it without the myriad characters that have assisted us along the way. So here is what has been going on with us in the LF camp as of January 2009. We moved into our new studio last month with our dear friends, Spero Lumina, and have been writing songs rigorously for our new album. We currently have 5 rockin’ tunes completed with 4 other songs that are under construction. I think that we have collectively decided that we liked to have this album knocked out by summer time, and by the pace that we have been going, we believe that we will achieve that expectation. One of the songs will be available soon to quench your auditory thirst for a new LF track. We recently recorded a song, titled Choose a Side with the master-mind musician/engineer, Jon Hasz. The song will appear on a compilation made up of Ramona bands, and although none of us reside in the valley of the sun anymore, we pledge a loyalty to our roots.
We took a temporary hiatus from giggin’ the last month of the year as well as this month, but we will be resuming a monthly schedule by March of this year. With the pangs and pleasure of writing, we thought that it would be of the best intentions to take a little time off from the dim public spotlight that we have procured so that we could bring you the best music that LF has to offer as to date. With that said, it’s a new year, a new administration, and a new outlook. Let’s enjoy ourselves, comrades.

posted by Kevin White