The Artwork for Saturday Evening Underground

August 24th, 2011

Before and After. Saturday Evening Underground.People are always asking about the artwork for our last full length Saturday Evening Underground and we’ve never really got to tell the whole story… When we were nearing the end of the recording process, Kev and I had started discussing some ideas and he felt strongly that we should brand the album in the spirit of the old Saturday Evening Post magazines to compliment the album name and the band agreed. The Saturday Evening Post often boasted covers by Norman Rockwell in which he spoke volumes about the times (war, poverty, and other political and social issues) with a single striking image. We admired the way his art, sometimes controversial, made you not just feel a certain emotion but also made you think about the topic at hand. So that begun our google search for old Saturday Evening Post covers. We found many we liked that seem to relate to the album content, but eventually Kev stumbled upon the cover of the Dec 9th, 1944 and we knew that was it. This particular cover ended up actually NOT being a Norman Rockwell but was equally as powerful. Only one problem….the google image was much too low resolution for an album cover. So began my ebay search for the actual issue, amazingly I found one! It came all the way from New York from an ebay seller named oldtimer438. I paid $8.88 and in a weeks time I had the original mag and was ready to scan it in. Thumbing through the magazine we found the propaganda from the time fascinating and the politically incorrectness of the advertisements laughable. We actually ended up using other photos from inside the magazine for our t-shirts and for the back of the album cover.

Saturday Evening Post ScanDuring our brainstorming sessions we had joked around about manipulating the picture a bit and making the kid seem like some kind of twisted “boyscout gone wrong”. Once I got into photoshop and started messing around, the theme was ringing more true to the social issues that Kev speaks of throughout the album, so I rode that wave and kept going. I was able to grab things I needed fro the web like Machine guns, missiles etc and with some finessing make them look like they were always there (using a halftone pattern overlay helped a ton with this for all you photoshop geeks). The only thing I had to draw by hand was the Bombs on the desk which I did using some prisma color - colored pencils. In the end everything really came together, from the songs, to the recording help from our friends, to the artwork. We had a final product.

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posted by Travis Dahl