A New Era

September 15th, 2007

So a quick update on what is concoting in the LF camp. In recent developments, we had to undergo some changes to make this monstrosity called Londons Falling follow through into fruition. We had recently asked Zac to play since he has been a member of the family for the last five years, but due to rigid commitments, he had to decline and we support him with his decision since he will always be our brother in crime. And Ricky, the youngest of the group, has a commitment to his country that he has to adhere to and we support him and his endeavors. Alas, the change has now been complete and we have new additions to the band. So without any further ado, we shall introduce our newest members: Aaron Yorty (drums) and Fred Ludwig (bass). We are very excited with this development and we all have been working rigorously (especially Aaron and Fred). We have just ordered new merchandise with brand new shirts and stickers with the flagship logo. So here we come America, again…………….we are Londons Falling.

P.S. Pics will follow shortly.

posted by Kevin White