10 in 2010! (A decade of Punk)

January 23rd, 2010

Hey Skirts and Skins

It’s been a while since we last had given an update on what’s been happening in the LF Camp and we have to say that it’s been nothing, but good news and good times. For starters, the album is finally fucking done, and we are pretty damn proud of it! We would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to Jim Nau and Jon Hasz for putting up with all of our bitchin’, complainin’, shittin’ and whinin’ throughout the entire recording process. Those men are living Buddha’s and we were fortunate to have them help us create this monster of an album. Sooooo, all that’s really left is the artwork; the printing and the pressing and we are set. We are hoping for an early-mid February release, so look for our CD release show(s) (we think we need more than one).

So for some show info, we’ll be whoring at O’Connell’s on Friday, January 29th w/The Regime & stripping for our pre-Valentines Day show @ The Ken Club on Friday, February 12th w/The Arson Academy (we’ll be the ones’ with the ominous, glowing white attire….. well, it’s actually our skin). 2010 has arrived, comrades, and another chapter of LF has begun, maybe even another book……What will this year bring……….

From the dungeon and the desk of our scattered minds,


posted by Kevin White