This one’s for the POUM (Homage to Catalonia)

December 19th, 2007

Wow, an extensive duration without rhetoric! Well, comrades, that is what happens when Londons Falling is making up for time squandered. Sooooooooo, here is what has been going on and what is coming into light: Aaron and Fred have been quite impressive with their skills and have learned every single song off the Anxious Season album. We actually played the whole album from start to finish! That was a rush!! They have also learned quite a few songs off of Dichotomy, but there is still alot of work that needs to be done. We are planning to commence with shows around mid February or March, so polish up your dancing shoes and start markin’ your calendars, planners, e-mails, i-phones, etc. Trav and I have been working long hours and reving our creative minds into high gear to write new songs. So far, we have come up with a total of 14 songs, so at this rate, we are considering putting out two separate albums next year. But who knows what the Cup of Jamshid reflects; time will tell. We finally received our shirts and stickers, and we still have buttons too, so if you want any of that garb, compose a keyboard dictation of e-mail and send it our way.

We are currently in the process of working, telephoning, e-mailing Mike of East Village Records for a compilation that will be due out in March 2008. He has alloted us the privilege of putting two songs on the record, so we are thankful for his generosity and wish him the best of luck with his endeavors.

Well folks, that about covers it (i think). Tis’ the season to over-consume. Be safe.


posted by Kevin White