Rational or Irrational Thought

March 16th, 2007

There are times when we tend to forget that us (as individuals) are an integral part of society. It is difficult to maintain an allegiance to an organization that invokes some type of role in changing or contributing to a society as we continually progress with our everyday lives. Thus, it becomes a role that takes rational thought and not one that is innate that we all hope. As a group of people, problems can be rendering and exposed, but it is the resolution that is the most difficult part of the problem to obtain. I get tired of hearing what’s wrong with America or even to the minute problem that is wrong with someones’ place of vocation. I am as guilty of complaining as the next person, but I means to change that. There are practical solutions from the problem with capitalism to the problem of pollution to our environment. These are just elementary examples, and this is not a means to extinguish the problems entirely because that is not reality nor substantial, but searching for an alternative. I am still searching for alternatives that suffice my desires and for others that understand these ideas or problems that are askew to me (and them). Anyway, this rant may not make any sense, but it makes fuckin sense to me…… just turn off your fuckin television and think about it……………

posted by Kevin White