1 year anniversary without a post?? Who cares, California Coastal Cleanup is right around the corner. Be there!

August 14th, 2011

Well, holy shit! It’s been almost a year since we posted any type of blog and I think we should break our silent treatment that we’ve been giving all of our non-reading cohorts something to read (I’m sure you’ve been checking back for the last year, hoping that we had something relevant to the modern events occurring today to say)…..but nope.

Anyskiddles, we are almost done with our new album. We took a different turn with how we wrote the album and I’m sure that it will tear your fucking face off cuz it tears ours when we play it. We developed a concept album: songs are more dynamic, songs are longer, and there is a story to the whole novel idea of the album. And we, for one, are super stoked.

So with that being said, and as we get older and our hair turns grayer (greyer?), or our hair falls off of our sluggish heads and somehow roots itself into our shoulders and backs, we as a band continue to grow stronger. I know for myself (this is Kevin speaking, maroons) that this point in our LF lives is super exciting especially as we are producing a new album with the same line-up as Saturday Evening Underground. LF has never had a consistent line-up when it has come to recording. That is something that I know that we are all thankful for.

Well Earthlings, next month is California Coastal Cleanup. This will be our 4th annual event so if you want to participate email us, or text us, or myspace us, or facebook us, or porntube us, or just call……

We’ll post something real soon with more details for the Cleanup. For now, take care….be pro-active, and think progressive.

From the dungeons and the desk of our scattered minds,


posted by Kevin White